Senior engineers needs to improve or define new modules and software architectures, which requires you to have many experiences in C ++ projects. You will be working with development team on multiple platforms in areas like rendering, memory management, file and network I/O


  • Advanced understanding of C / C++
  • Minimum of 5 years` experience in delivering production-level code in a professional environment
  • Strong passion for programming, algorithms, or mathematics
  • Ability to communicate effectively with other engineers and designers
  • Self-motivation and willingness to pitch in on many engineering areas
  • Bachelor`s degree or above in Computer Science, Mathematics or equivalent experience


  • Has served as architecture developer for system or application software
  • Own a VR / AR device and use it more than one year
  • Contributing to open source project communities such as Github or Bitbucket

Quest Items:

  • Resume
  • Code sample from one of your personal