This position is responsible for VR / AR software development which needs to show excellent performance and robustness on different platforms. Software Engineer needs to use different methods for software development on different platforms such as Unity or Unreal to build new software feature or new modules.


  • Solid understanding of computer science fundamentals, including algorithms, data structures, and design patterns
  • Experience programming in C, C++ or C#, and good programming habits
  • Proficient in Unreal or Unity engines
  • Knowledge on memory management, threading and network protocols on Windows, Android or iOS
  • Completely involved and released in software or game development on any platform
  • Bachelor`s degree or above in Computer Science, Mathematics or equivalent experience


  • Experience with graphics APIs such as DirectX 11/12, OpenGL, Vulkan, or Metal
  • Experience with programming Cg / GLSL / HLSL
  • Own a VR / AR device and use it more than one year
  • Participated in development of game engine
  • Contributing to open source project communities such as Github or Bitbucket

Quest Items:

  • Resume
  • Code sample from one of your personal